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GMO’s, Pesticides, etc in Tea- Client Questions Answered

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I can honestly say Tupelo Honey Teas has the best clients. I wanted to share with you the kinds of emails I receive from YOU. YOU always send me useful information about teas which help me to learn more. YOUR questions help me not only make better decisions about my business but also reaffirm that there is a segment of people out there who, like me, want to know from where their food comes! Below is an email from a client and my response: Hi Danielle:   A friend just posted this horrific...

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Grand Opening Event Round-up

Posted by on Oct 18, 2013 in Events & Sightings, Tea in Pittsburgh, Tea News | 1 comment

This week has proved to be full of excitement as I gear up for the Grand Opening of The Tea Loft this weekend, October 19 & 20, 2013. Our address is: 3812 William Flinn Highway, Building 4, 2nd Fl, Allison Park, PA 15101. A few weeks ago I posted THIS with detailed instructions on how to find us. And here is a round-up of all the posts this week leading up to our big event starting… TOMORROW! I look forward to seeing you and sharing tea time together! Grand Opening- Saturday...

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The OMG moment when you realize your dreams of opening a shop….. Yeah, that is me RIGHT now.   The health inspection went off without a hitch and I suddenly was no longer fighting an uphill battle towards my dream.  The dream was a reality.  It took a few days to sink in and then I decided to soft open on Monday, September 16.  Next week my hours will be as follows: M-H 10-3 The hours will be tweeked as we go along and yes I know they aren’t condusive to working people.  I...

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New Shop

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WE ARE OPENING A SHOP!   Getting here hasn’t been easy.  In fact, it has been a crazy couple of years.  I started this business with hopes it would take off just as my babies entered full time school.  But much to my surprise the business took off several years before the plan.  Most people would shake their heads up and down and say, “GOOOOOOD!  That is EXCELLENT!”, but the truth is it was AWFUL!   As an entrepreneur, I wanted nothing but success.  As a momma...

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Urban Garden Party 2012

Posted by on Jul 20, 2012 in Events & Sightings, Press, Tea in Pittsburgh | 0 comments

In June the biggest party in Pittsburgh hit the ground running for yet another banner year!  The Mattress Factory‘s Urban Garden Party is one that should not be missed, ever!  This year was no exception….. Theme was Alice at the Factory…. as in Alice in Wonderland!  Imagine our excitement when we were asked to be a guest again.  This year in the main tent!  I mean who doesn’t remember the Tea Party scene? An Even Better Tea Party We decided to try to out-do last...

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2012 Tea Growler Fill Ups

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Last summer, to an astounding response, we released our Growlers. These aren’t just ordinary glass Growlers but instead they are hand thrown, pottery Growlers with recycled handles. They were made by local potter, Garick Tai Lee and the handles were conceived and made by local resalvage artist, Dave Calfo. The whole project was so successful, we actually made a second round.  These Growlers are so unique that not only is each round we do going to be different, but each Growler itself is...

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It is 2012, the year most talked about along with Y2K.  However, before I want to talk about the new year, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on 2011 and the things Tupelo Honey Teas accomplished.   First, we opened a retail space at the Pittsburgh Public Market.  It was one of the best things we have ever done. Between meeting other entrepreneurs and meeting our clientele, it was an experience that will be hard to ever duplicate.  Being able to educate people on tea each week...

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New Teas!

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For some time I have had the idea of developing two new lines of tea.  These would serve as inspiration for blending.  Fast forward and here I am FINALLY getting around to releasing some teas! My first idea stems from my clients, who more often than not, approach my table asking for teas from far away lands.  I have a love of travel and so with each question about a tea from so and so place, my mind began to wander.  I thought it would be a neat concept to attempt to blend teas similar to...

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We were in the news again

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A few weeks ago we were contacted by a local writer at the Tribune Review’s smaller paper, the Pine Creek Journal.  It is primarily for the northern suburbs of Pittsburgh.  Since our office is in Allison Park, we fit the bill for an article that was being written about tea and the North Hills. When the article came out, I couldn’t have been happier.  Dona Dreeland did a fantastic job with the article.  I’ve had many friends stop me in restaurants, on Facebook and at the...

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Herbal Tea Mission

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I’m on a mission.  I have been contacted by a local organization, to be announced at a later date, who have asked me to blend them a tea.  But here’s the stipulation…. the herbs used in it must be local.  I love the concept, but the reality may be different. Local Herbal Tea First issue is finding good tasting herbs that grow here.  Ginger, Cardamom, Cinnamon, etc…. all out.  They don’t grow in W.PA.  Neither does the traditional Camellia Sinensis which is...

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